ⓘ ស៊ីហ្គេមលើកទី២៧ The 27th Southeast Asian Games is scheduled to be held in Naypyidaw, the new capital of Myanmar, as well as in other main cities, Yangon, Mandal ..


ⓘ ស៊ីហ្គេមលើកទី២៧


The 27th Southeast Asian Games is scheduled to be held in Naypyidaw, the new capital of Myanmar, as well as in other main cities, Yangon, Mandalay and Ngwesaung Beach.

The Southeast Asian Games Federation SEAGF Council met in Jakarta on 31 May 2010 unanimously agreed to award the Myanmar Olympic Committee the right to host the 27th edition of the games.

Official website of the Olympic Council of Asia also approved the fact that Myanmar will host the 27th Southeast Asian Games in its news launched on 7 June 2010. ASEAN Football Federation AFFs official website also announced that Myanmar will host the games. Myanmar had already hosted the Games in 1961 and 1969 respectively in Yangon, the then capital of Myanmar. This will be the third time that Myanmar will host the Southeast Asian Games. Singapore withdrew its hosting rights due to expected delays in the completion of its new national stadium.


1. ប្រទេសម្ចាស់ផ្ទះ

Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand have revealed their intentions to host the Games. However, since they hosted the 2003, 2005 and 2007 editions, respectively, these countries are ineligible to host this edition.

By the time that Myanmar will host the games, the country will hold the largest time interval of hosting the games, spanning a time of 44 years.


2. វិញ្ញាសាកីឡា

Myanmar will host 33 sports, less than the number of sport in 2011 Southeast Asian Games in Indonesia. Organizers did not nominate the sports of beach volleyball and dancesports, because they considered those uniforms unsuitable for Burmese women. Tennis and Gymnastics, are Olympic sports not to be played in December. The following sports below are calendared for the 2013 Southeast Asian Games.


3. រូបតុក្កតាដំណាង

The official mascot of the 2013 Southeast Asian Games is a couple of owls which are considered lucky charms in Myanmar tradition. The male owl is called Shwe Yoe and female owl is called Ma Moe.


4. មេដៃ

Myanmar will award total 1557 medals; gold 460,silver 460 and bronze 637 to athletes. Athletics will award 46 gold medals with maximum ones in this year SEA Games.

¹ – not an official Olympic Sport. ² – sport played only in the SEAG. ³ – not a traditional Olympic nor SEAG Sport and introduced only by the host country. ° – a former official Olympic Sport, not applied in previous host countries and was introduced only by the host country. ʰ- sport not played in the previous edition and was reintroduced by the host country.


5. បញ្ហាចំរូងចំរាស់

  • Due to the reduction of a number of Olympic sports and addition of non-Olympic sports and sports wherein the host country excels, the Philippines decided to send only its top athletes instead of a full-house delegation as in the previous games. The Philippines will be sending 208 athletes only, the smallest delegation since the 1999 Brunei SEA Games.
  • The inclusion of Chinlone, a traditional Burmese sport and the exclusion of Olympic sports like gymnastics and tennis became one of the controversial issues heading before the 27th Southeast Asian Games.
  • The host nation also include Sittuyin, a traditional Burmese chess, as a traditional chess number along with common chess competition number. Other competing nations are not familiar with this traditional Burmese chess and clearly Myanmar has advantage in this number. It is suspected as the host effort to boost their gold medals opportunity.